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“Annabelle” Sequel Name and Trailer Released

The upcoming sequel that continues the story of the cursed doll has been titled “Annabelle: Creation” and the first official trailer was released yesterday, April 1.

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First Look At “It” Remake: Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s “It” was released this morning by Warner Bros Entertainment.

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First Look At the Cast of “The Predator”

The wildly popular, sci-fi film “Predator” (1987) is getting a sequel; and it doesn’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger made the cut.

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Horror Fan Favorites

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“American Horror Story” Season 7 Plot Revealed

Producer of FX’s hit original show, Ryan Murphy, reveals the theme for Season 7 of “American Horror Story“, and it’s pretty horrifying.

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5 Classic Horror Films Rising Again in 2017

Some classic horror films are making their return to the big screen this year, this time scarier and darker than ever.

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